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Cross country (XC) ski poles for skating, classic & back country

Cross country skiing is the ideal sport for everyone who loves winter, wants to enjoy nature to the fullest and wants to be active without charging down a slope on skis or a board. For centuries Cross country has been a popular sport in Austria and elsewhere in Europe and these days it is also a popular high performance sport. Rightly so in our opinion. Particularly when it comes to the health and fitness aspects. Cross country trains almost all muscle groups, which is something that not many sports can claim. If you’re a cross country fan - or want to take up the sport in the near future - we have the right cross country ski poles for you in our shop. Whether you enjoy skating or classic style, or prefer to get away from the prepared trails into the back country, our ultra-lightweight and exceptionally rigid cross country ski poles can be used everywhere. Komperdell poles are the result not only of almost 100 years of experience, but also of continuous development and the incredible passion of our employees at the Komperdell factory. In the heart of the Salzkammergut. We create unique, high-quality products that you can order online from the comfort of your home. Browse our shop and discover them for yourself.