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Snowshoes for men & women

Pristine, glistening snowy landscapes. Complete silence. Cool, fresh mountain air. And an unrivalled panoramic view. Only your own tracks in the snow and no other people to be seen for miles. That’s what makes snowshoe hiking so popular. There is no other winter sport that pushes you so close to your limits while simultaneously helping you to find yourself. Of course, you need quite a bit of experience and the right equipment. Snowshoes from Komperdell are made of high-strength aluminium or lightweight carbon and feature easy step-in bindings, ensuring it’s no problem getting into the shoes and getting the perfect position. The ice rails and front claws integrated into all our snowshoes ensure maximum traction on ice. The aluminium shoes are exceptionally durable and suitable for different weight classes (weight limit from 80 kg to 120 kg) - make sure you consider the weight of your luggage in addition to your bodyweight. The bindings can be purchased in different sizes at the online shop, making the snowshoes ideal for both men and women. Browse our shop, find out more details about the products and buy your favourites online from the comfort of your home.